Junko ENDO for Mayor, Rokkasho village, Aomori Prefecture!!

Junko ENDO for Mayor, Rokkasho village, Aomori Prefecture!!

(About Rokkasho Nuclear Fuel Cycle Center and Rokkasho Village Mayor election, please look here)

Who is she?


She was born on July 3, 1959 at Kushiro (Hokkaido).

She graduated from Muroran Institute of Technology (Hokkaido) and from the Faculty of Medicine, Hirosaki University (Aomori Prefecture).

She is a Certified Physician of the Japan Nuclear Medical Society (PET Nuclear Medicine),

and Certified Industrial Physician of the Japan Medical Association.

Currently, she is a Part-time lecturer at Tsugaru Health Cooperative, Kensei Hospital.

She is married with a daughter and two adorable cats.

As a doctor, Ms Junko ENDO has been particularly interested in health hazard issues. She points out the increase in childhood leukemia cases around the reprocessing plants of La Hague in France and of Sellafield in the UK, as well as the increase in congenital disorders and childhood leukemia cases near CANDU reactors in Canada, which generate tritium.

She proposes to create a multi-disciplined committee of experts to gather the latest information on tritium’s impact on living organisms and also to reexamine the biological and environmental impacts of radioactivity generated by the nuclear fuel cycle, especially from fuel reprocessing. Scientifically observed negative health and environmental hazards could lead to reexamining the practicalities of the nuclear fuel cycle.

She is also for the protection of the important primary local industries such as fishing, agriculture and forestry products. Releasing more than 10 quadrillion Bq per year in the ocean will tremendously impact fishing. By protecting the environment from the damages caused primarily by the reprocessing plant, she proposes to protect other industries as well.

Rokkasho village is known for its high suicide rate, including younger people. She is for promoting a village friendly for psychologically, physically and socially fragile people.

Ms Endo is for promoting a better mutual communication and support system between citizens and medical workers. Improving work conditions of medical professionals is urgent to prevent the total collapse of the medical system.

Currently, all the members of Rokkasho village local assembly are male. It is difficult to hear female voices. Ms Endo would work for a system to listen to women, and integrate their thoughts and views in village policy. She will also try to improve the local political environment by increasing female local assembly members.



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