Rokkasho Election Results

The mayoral election took place in Rokkasho, Japan, on Sunday June 24th.

Here are the results :

The number of inhabitants having the right to vote: 8637
The number of votes: 5379
Invalid votes: 35
Voter turnout: 62.28%

M. Mamoru Toda, pro-nuclear fuel cycle incumbent mayor was reelected with 5021 votes.
Ms Junko Endo, anti-nuclear fuel cycle candidate gained 323 votes.


The results show the extreme difficulty of anti-nuclear movements in local elections. However, thanks to the courage of Junko Endo, 323 voters were able to express their desire to stop the nuclear fuel cycle, and many people in the world became aware of what is happening in Rokkasho Village.

Thank you Ms ENDO for your courage!

Thanks to all of you who sent encouraging messages to Ms Endo that were gratefully forwarded to her.


Let’s keep on following events in Rokkasho from all over the world!

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